F, Yeah! Dave Phinney’s New Wine Finds the Right Location

The inspiration for Dave Phinney’s new Locations line of wines hit him while he was standing at De Gaulle Airport Locations F-1 wine from Dave Phinney lands on the right spotin Paris. The block letter county code stickers on the back of the cars gave him the idea to create blends in homage to the great wine regions of Europe and have a single letter represent the wine. Current offerings include E-1, for Espania, and F-1, for France, the first vintages of each. Coming next will be I for Italy.

Brought in by the staff of Irving’s Las Colinas Country Club as a special addition to its already strong wine list, the F-1 is a blend of primarily Grenache from the Roussillon and Syrah from the Rhône, with additional Bordeaux varietals as accents.

Since it is a new offering, we were first offered a taste from a bottle that had been open about 90 minutes and being used to serve orders by the glass. In this taste, the distinctive Grenache feel and spice gave the wine a soft texture, leaning more toward raspberry and cherry. Based on the initial impression, we decided to order a bottle for the table.

In an interesting twist, the freshly opened bottle showed much more of the Syrah complexity with more current, blackberry and plum showing through. The bottle had a wonderful peppery spice with moderate tannins that didn’t overwhelm the fruit. The style agreed with diverse food choices at the table and was an incredible value given the quality.

In the next couple of weeks I plan to purchased another bottle of the F-1 and try it just after uncorking and again after decanting for and hour to see if the wine again displays the same metamorphosis. A-

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