The Wines of….Walgreens?

The polar vortex has come and gone, but has left most of us with a few scars. In Dallas, we had a two day period where the ice on the roads made it unsafe to drive. Even though I grew up in Wisconsin and took my drivers test in January, driving on the snow in the north is nothing like the sheer ice in Texas.

On day two we found ourselves in a beverage emergency…we had run out of everyday wine. There is Walgreens just a few blocks from our house and, although I had often mocked their selection with substandard options boasting roosters, kangaroos and footprints on the labels, as the day wore on, it became apparent that this would be my only option. So I slid my car down the driveway, narrowly avoiding the neighbor’s backyard fence, and slowly made my way to the Walgreens.

Despite the fact that the shelves are lined with bottles I wouldn’t consider nor recommend bringing home even in the most desperate of situations (like chocolate wine and a few boxes), there were three wines on the shelf I found that are more than acceptable. So, if you find yourself at Walgreens with the need the pick up wine but no time to go anywhere else, here is what I suggest as your best options:

Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay: The KJ is an amazingly consistent Chardonnay that is a great value for the price. Not overly complex, but a refreshing Chard with some tropical fruit along with the citrus notes.

Thorny Rose Red Blend: Don’t let the screwtop and pop-marketing label fool you. This is a juicy blend with primary flavors of cherry that is both drinkable and food-friendly. It has a more silky feel in the mouth than you might expect at the price.

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling: If your preference run a little lighter and sweeter, this is a very consistent option for the price. This is not the super-sweet variety that many associate with Riesling, but a dryer version of the varietal with a hint of sweetness.

Maybe I should make my next post on the wines of the Exxon station.

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