The Wonderful White Wines of….Uruguay?

Every time I visit one of our local wine retailers to load up on wine, I try to pick a bottle or PI200A_2two that I would not normally select, something outside of my comfort zone.  I like to occasionally open an aromatic and acidic Torrontes from Argentina in place of the more common lighter whites like a Viognier, Pinot Grigio or a dry Reisling, so when I spotted a Torrontes from Uruguay, I knew that would be my off-the-beaten-path bottle for the night.

The Pisano Torrontes Rio de Los Pajaros possesses the traditional aromatic floral and citrus aromas that make a Torrontes so inviting. Unlike many of the value-priced crisp and light Argentine varietals, the Pisano Torrontes had a heavier body and richer peach and spice notes with more balanced acid, which might make it more attractive to Chardonnay fans along with those who prefer a Pinot Grigio or Muscat.

At a $15 retail price, this is a wine worth its price. It is certainly a wine worthy of bringing chilled to a warm-weather gathering, if only because you’d be pretty much guaranteed to be the only person to bring a wine from Uruguay. (B+)

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  1. Hello Erik Johnson! Great you have tasted the one and only non Argentinean Torrontés in the World made in Uruguay by the Pisano Family! Many thanks for your positive comments. Daniel Pisano

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