Wonderful Recipes from Wineries

Recipes from wineries

Food is to wine as a beat is to a melody. They can be great by themselves, but together they can be astounding. That’s why it makes sense for wineries to share the recipes they believe are best suited to go with the different wines they produce.

Of the hundreds of online locations where recipes can be located, I’ve found the hand-selected dishes from wine producers to be among the most interesting, most diverse and most amazing available. And it doesn’t hurt that there is a ready and trustworthy wine pairing suggestion to boot. Listed below are a few of those worth bookmarking,

Chateau Ste. Michelle: http://www.ste-michelle.com/wine-and-food/recipes

Chateau Ste. Michelle provides a visually engaging and easy-to-use site that offers almost 300 recipes. Users can browse options by course, food style, wine pairing or a keyword search. The recipes themselves include yields, prep time, cook time and to the side a list of other recipes the user might like based on the recipe being viewed. The depth and diversity of options plus ease of use make this recipe site a model for others to follow.

Round Pond: http://www.feedbyroundpond.com/topic/recipes/

As a digital marketing and social media professional, I give top marks to Round Pound. They didn’t just post a few recipes to a basic site, but have created a full brand, including newsletters and other content, around the food experience with their wines. Feed by Round Pond is an email newsletter that I receive on a regular basis and is complemented by a full microsite. I LOVE the fact that Round Pond has recognized that wine is wonderful with food, but there are times when a cocktail makes more sense and accommodates users for that (I am SO dying to get a night when I can try the Blood Moon Old Fashion). Organized by author or season and also alphabetically, the site could use a few more options for filtering or searching the recipes, but that is a minor detail given the extensive and comprehensive Feed content. If you re not a subscriber to the Feed newsletter, I highly recommend you do so by entering your email address at the very upper right here: http://www.feedbyroundpond.com

Cakebread: http://www.cakebread.com/recipes

The recipes on the Cakebread site are primarily sources from their in-house chefs and have some of the most interesting flavor combinations of those I read. The best this about this site is that most of the recipes are accompanied by a video with the chef showing the techniques needed to create these amazing dishes. The is one of my favorite winery recipe sites.

LaCrema: http://blog.lacrema.com/category/recipe/

The LeCrema culinary team post a recipe about once a month in this blog format. With more than 100 recipes currently available, the variety and quality of options and is outstanding, but with only a vague categorization and a search box to find what you are looking for, this site is for those who like to browse and not someone looking to quickly pinpoint a specific item. The recipes in this blog lean toward the fun side of food which makes this a great starting point for experimenting in the kitchen.

Kendall-Jackson: http://blog.kj.com/category/recipes/

Another blog format, the Kendall-Jackson recipes come not only with ingredients and preparation instructions, but also with a story. The recipes center around a holiday or other occasions, such as getting your grill ready for the summer or what to do with leftover Easter ham. The more than 100 recipes can be found through a categorization or a search box, but most are fun to read, so browsing instead of searching is highly recommended.

Jordan: http://www.jordanwinery.com/culinary/recipes

I absolutely love the pictures that accompany the recipes on the Jordan site. The recipes are searchable by course, ingredient, category and pairing and include a short story on the dish plus the full recipe. And, did I mention the pictures? The recipes can be shared on social media or printed directly from the site. The site also includes well-produced cooking videos providing tips on technique.

St. Francis: http://www.stfranciswinery.com/culinary/recipes/

Like the other sites, St. Francis allows users to find recipes by course or pairing but also includes a search box that allows users to search by any keyword or ingredient. The recipes are formatted to be easy-to-read and include a suggested St. Francis pairing, lacking only preparation time that are on the recipes from most other sites.

J. Lohr: http://www.jlohr.com/lohrstyle/recipes

Users can browse the J. Lohr recipes by type of dish, pairing or alphabetically, but what makes this site unique is that recipes can be be downloaded in a PDF format that includes all recipes in a group by pairing type, making them easy to save and print. The recipes are sourced from a wide variety of chefs from across the country, with proper credit given to each chef.

Hall: http://www.hallwines.com/wine-and-food-recipes

The Hall recipes are in one of the more basic displays. Organized by pairing, the site doesn’t have picture or advanced filtering or search capabilities, but I’ve included this link because of how amazing most of the recipes on it sound. Not sure that I have the culinary chops to make many of them, but for those who do, this is a wonderful set of dishes.

If if you have a favorite winery recipe site, or if you are a winery with a good site I’ve not yet discovered, I’d love to know about it and add it to this list! Send me the link on Twitter to @erikj.

Photo by Alexander Pogorelsky on Unsplash

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