Wine is Social. Period.

Wine is social.

Yet, with wine drinkers and aficionados in both older and new generations spending more time and attention on social media channels, it is apparent that the wine industry has yet to fully embrace this natural channel for reaching its audience. Sure, there are sporadic instances of social media successes, like Gary V. and the promotion of some high profile wine events, but on whole, producers, brands, distributors and influencers are well behind most other industries in their use of social and digital media.

So my purpose on this blog is twofold: 1) share my own appreciation of wine in the social sphere, and 2) comment on the state of the wine industry in regards to fully utilizing social media in connecting with consumer and growing the industry.

Oh, if you have a cool picture I can use for the header on my blog, I would welcome it (it has to be your picture, that you have full rights to and allow me to use just for this blog). Of course…I will give you credit!

I welcome your thoughts and comments along the way, but, in order to keep out the undesirable synthetic meat-like machine posts, I will be approving all comments before they are posted live to the site.


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