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Host a Dallas Wine Tasting
With Red White & Cru

Wine Tasting with Red White & Cru

A wine tasting is a wonderful way for friends, coworkers or organizations to connect, laugh, and learn something new. They also make for magical customer prospecting or customer appreciation relationship building events.

With a Red White & Cru wine tasting, you and your guests will enjoy a front-row wine tasting experience hosted by WSET Level 3 certified wine educator Erik Johnson. You’ll learn about and taste some of the finest, yet most affordable, wines from around the world, all in a casual, personalized environment. And, since we don't sell wine, there isn't any pressure to buy what you tasted at the end of the event. Wine tasting events can be held anywhere in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area.

Each wine tasting event includes:

  • A personal consultation to select the event format and the unique wines that will meet your tastes and budget
  • Sourcing of the wines from local distributors or retailers
  • A two-hour tasting event in the chosen format
  • Use of glassware for up to 20 people
  • Event materials, which could include education sheets, tasting scorecards or small prizes

 Format of the wine tasting:

There are a number of themes, topics and different ways that wine tastings can be conducted. Descriptions of some of the most popular are here: Ideas for your custom wine tasting

Cost of a wine tasting:

The cost to host a wine tasting can be more affordable than a night out to dinner or many other types of facilitated events. For more information, visit our wine tasting pricing page.

Wine tastings for customers or prospects

A lively wine tasting is a unique and memorable way to cement business relationships.

Wine tastings for team building

Spending time together laughing and learning something new as a group build trust and respect among team members.

Wine tastings with friends and family

A wine tasting is a new and interesting way that friends and family can spend time together building lifelong memories.

If you have questions about hosing a wine tasting or are ready to book your date:

See What Clients Have to Say

"Four of my best customers sent me emails after the wine tasting to thank me and to let me know that was the best customer event they had attended. I didn't tell them it actually cost me less than most of the other events as well."
Robert Gilbert
"Our team had so much fun with the blind tasting event last week. By breaking into small groups and working together we all got to know each other so much better on a level beyond to-do lists and spreadsheets."
Jim Mezzaros
"There is never a shortage of laughs at our book club meetings, but the wine tasting yesterday took the cake. We are going to do that more often and list what we are reading for that month as "Stained Labels"
Andrea Becker

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